Professional Exploit Development Training

Best Exploitation Course!


I took the Bootcamp training in March 2019 and I was impressed by how Peter explained highly complex topics with ease, patience, and enthusiasm. No matter what’s your level of experience in debugging/exploitation, you will learn a lot! 0-day exploitation will become much easier to you once you know the foundations Peter teaches.

As far as I know, there are no better (or even comparable) courses than the ones offered by Corelan’s, which deeply explain exploitation techniques. Hey! Don’t you know that Peter is the developer of the **popular** exploitation module:! So, you’re getting your knowledge right from the mouth of a guy who spent all of his life developing and researching this science!

Once I practice and master the Bootcamp’s materials/exercises, I will DEFINITELY attend the Advance training.

Thanks, Peter

Corelan Bootcamp
March 2019