Professional Exploit Development Training




Corelan FOUNDATIONS is the perfect course for people that have no experience whatsoever with exploit development for the Win32 platform, and are eager to take the time to learn the basics in a proper manner. 

Our BOOTCAMP course is what we typically deliver at conferences.  If offers a mix between fundamentals of exploit development and more advanced topics such as ASLR bypass and ROP.  

The ADVANCED course takes off where other courses end. It starts with a quick refresher on ASLR & DEP and then quickly moves into the fascinating world of heap exploitation (using IE as an example); including UAF, Memory Leaks, Heap Manipulation & Heap Overflows.

There are 2 ways to take one of our trainings:

1. At a conference  

The schedules page indicates the locations where one of our trainings will be held.  If you are a conference organizer and want to host one of our trainings, don’t hesitate to contact me.

2. Private training

We can tailor and customize our trainings to meet your needs, providing that you can bring a group of people together. Contact me for more information about our private training offerings.

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