Professional Exploit Development Training

Hands down, this is the best security training I attended


First I would like to start by thanking Peter for his patience and dedication to answer every question in great details. What separate Peter from other instructors is his methodological and logical approach in delivering the course materials. Hands down, this is the best security training I attended.

Every step is explained with backing theory and clear logical reasons on why we were doing what we were doing to create the exploits. There were no vague answers.

The way Peter puts ideas and concepts together is an inspiration. You may not master every topic discussed right away (as you have to practice, practice and practice) but the main take away is that you have to apply yourself and work hard.

I specifically liked the exercises as they were well-thought out. You will see yourself grasping ideas as you do the exercises yourself (with little help along the way from Peter) which I liked because you will earn knowledge the hard and the right way.

Thank you for a great learning opportunity. What a great person to be around.


Omar Asali
Corelan Expert-level Stack
April 2019