Professional Exploit Development Training

Corelan Expert-Level Stack – Nov 2024 – Brazil

Greetings South America!

We’re super excited to be able to announce that Corelan is coming to South America for the very first time in history. 

In close collaboration and partnership with GoHackingBR and FIAP, Corelan is going to conduct its world-renowned expert-level “stack” based exploitation class in Sao Paolo.

The training will take place from November 11, 2024 until November 14, 2024.

Seats are limited, yoy don’t want to miss this truly unique opportunity to get trained in the dark art of exploit development for Windows by Peter Van Eeckhoutte.  Peter is an experienced instructor, the founder of Corelan Team and the author of

This is a real in-person class. Each ticket includes 4 days of hardcore fun, a wealth of information, decades of hands-on experience, practical tips and tricks.  The class provides the type of interaction that you simply cannot get from a PDF file or some instructional videos.

And just to indicate how much we care about making sure you get the most out of this class, we also provide post-training support to all students, for FREE.

Still in doubt? Check our testimonials page for real, unfiltered feedback from past students.

Registrations are open, you can grab your ticket here:

See you in Brazil!