Professional Exploit Development Training

An amazing deep dive into stack exploits


if I would write out this testimonial the way it deserves to be written, the length of the string would trigger a buffer overflow.

The fact that I understand what that exactly means is a testimonial by itself. I came in on Friday with zero exploit knowledge, and left on Monday with a million more questions – all of them derived from an actual understanding of the mechanics of the system, the logic behind the exploits, and the methods of delivery.

Having a wide, deep understanding of the topic he is teaching, Peter delivers high speed, very precise, very technical lectures that are accompanied by real case demos and challenging labs. There is no answer given, and there are no promises made – none save one – by the end of the class, you WILL write your first exploit.

Get a good night’s sleep, grab a VM or two, and start your exploit journey now.

Igor Krainović
A1Hrvatska d.o.o.
Corelan Expert-level Stack
Deep conference - Zagreb