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4 Days of Bootcamp Bliss: Unmissable Excellence!

I recently completed a 4-day boot camp with Peter, and I must say that, among all the similar courses I’ve taken on this topic, nothing quite compares to this one in terms of the breadth and depth of knowledge imparted in such a short span. Peter is an exceptionally motivated technology enthusiast with an amazing ability to simplify highly complex subjects, making them easily understandable. Admittedly, due to the nature of the topics covered in the boot camp, you might feel mentally taxed, but the wealth of knowledge gained is truly remarkable. I can’t recommend taking any of his classes enough. Now, it’s time to connect all the dots Peter delivered to me, and after that, I’m looking forward to enrolling in the advanced class next year.

Filip Buketa
Diverto d.o.o.
Corelan Expert-level Stack
Deep Conference - Zagreb