Professional Exploit Development Training

The bootcamp definitely filled in certain gaps I had


Even though I was initially planning to register only for the Advanced Course (due to already possessing relevant advanced certifications on exploit development), I am so glad that I made the decision to attend the BootCamp course as well. It definitely filled in certain gaps I had (which the other certs did not truly cover), and prepared me mentally for the next step.

I enjoyed every minute of the course, but even though it’s now over, I feel that this is the start of a new beginning due to the eye-opening towards certain concepts.

Peter has been a truly inspiring mentor during the course, who did not hesitate to devote extra hours, without which I personally would need more time to get to the point myself and the class was, and he made a true effort so that we really understand the root cause of what we were doing.

I have already registered for the Advanced Course, and looking forward to more exciting times ahead!

Thanks a lot Peter.


Corelan Expert-level Stack
BruCON Gent
April 2017