Professional Exploit Development Training

Exemplary class, exemplary instructor


Peter’s 4-day class in Columbia, MD was a truly unique experience. The class is designed exceptionally well, and Peter himself is an exemplary instructor.

Peter designed this class such that you start out from fundamentals, and then progress to much more complex topics in a very incremental, easy-to-understand manner. He provided us with all the theory required to ignite our curiosity to ask the right questions of ourselves, plus with all the tools necessary to be able to answer those questions. We exercised knowledge of this theory to answer practical questions, plus he provided us with many meaningful exercises that pave the path towards becoming a more capable exploit developer. Some exercises were during class, some during evenings after class, and some for the years to come. :)

I’ve heard from some folks about why he doesn’t jump straight into newer Windows OS 64-bit programs (which he does provide theory about later in the course), but it’s important to realize that this teaching methodology is WHY you are able to eventually understand more modern stuff towards the end. I honestly would not have it any other way, because by the end of the class, I had all the theory and tooling required to figure out Win10 64-bit heap / program functionality, even though he started with Win7 32-bit programs. Moreover, he taught the theory of how memory allocators might work in general, and how we would go about investigating its behavior, regardless of which OS, # of bits, custom memory manager, etc… He taught it perfectly.

Thanks for the great times and lessons, Peter. It was truly an honor to attend this course.


Corelan Heap Masterclass
Columbia, MD
May 2021