Professional Exploit Development Training

A great experience!


I had a pleasure of attending an extraordinary #Corelan_Bootcamp by Peter Van Eeckhoutte in partnership with Hackers Academy, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Dubai Electronic Security Center & GISEC

Peter is indeed an inspiration for all of us in the #Cybersecurity community and learning directly from the creator of #mona is an honor. Little I knew about the life’s work which is out there in the wild without due recognition.

I truly admire peter’s courage to teach a live course effortlessly in this #pandemic era.

Peter not only made Exploit Development easy for us to understand but he actually rewired our brains on Windows Internals.

The course material was carefully prepared and appropriately placed with challenges that makes us run for our lives. Thank you so much peter for your time and amazing knowledge I can only say #w00tw00t. Corelan Team


Shahid Ahmed
Corelan Expert-level Stack
Nov 2020