Professional Exploit Development Training

Sydney Australia 2024

Corelan Training Sydney Feb 2024

Registrations for our world-renowned Corelan “Bootcamp” stack-based exploitation and “Advanced” Heap exploitation classes for Windows have closed.

Both classes are organized in close collaboration with Ionize and PwC Australia.

What is the training location?

Both classes are hosted by PwC Australia and will be held at the PwC Offices in Sydney:

PwC Australia Watermans Quay Barangaroo, NSW 2000 Australia

In order to ensure the highest level of knowledge transfer and to maximize interaction, all classes are in-person only.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are not refundable, but if needed you can change the name of the person who will be attending the class.

Are your classes any good?

Fair question!  If you’re not sure yet about the quality of our classes, check our testimonials page.