Professional Exploit Development Training

The best exploitation course on the market

If you want to dive into modern exploitation, this course is exactly what you are searching for.
During my career, I’ve taken many different courses, but I can tell you, there is no match for Peter; the Advanced Exploit Development class is absolutely the best training I’ve ever done. Unlike many other courses, Peter spends a very good amount of time on the fundamentals of memory management and Windows Internals (demystifying “obscure” concepts), then he dives into the exploitation of modern heap-related vulnerabilities (Use After Free, Type Confusion, Memory Leak etc.).
Mastering heap exploitation is a long journey and this course is the best training on the market to have as a starting point. The quality of the labs is excellent and does not focus only on ad-hoc exercises; be ready to dive into past real browser’s vulnerabilities, especially with the companion “take-home” exercises.
The approach Peter uses to transfer his knowledge is highly professional: you’ll be able to “follow” him verbally and graphically as he uses both the slides and a sketching pad to visually represent memory layouts and such; he’ll give you all the knowledge needed to conduct your own research.
Peter is not just amazing from a technical point of view, he’s also very humble and patient. He is an excellent (and funny) trainer who definitely have passion for what he does and that strive for the best. I can’t recommend him enough, just come to the training and see it by yourself.

Paolo Stagno
Corelan Heap Masterclass