Professional Exploit Development Training

Incredible hard but incredible awesome :-)

If you really want to learn exploit writing instead of just talking about it this is the course you have to take. In 3 days i learned so much deep operating system stuff and debuggers, that an advanced SANS course seems to be a skript kiddie/rookie course compared with this one. Peter is a true legend in the security community and also an absolutely cool and unbelievable modest person, With mona he also developed THE industrial standard when it comes to exploit writing and i still can’t believe he gives that tool away for free. Thank you peter for an amazing expierence that let my brain melt and inspired me to work harder on my own skills. It was an honor to meet a true hacker. I hope i will be prepared quick enough to visit your Advanced class to complete my knowledge ;-).

Dennis Peter Wölk
Corelan Expert-level Stack
Mechelen (Belgium)