Professional Exploit Development Training

Exceptional class taught by someone who is truly one of the leaders in the field!

I took the Stack course in May of 2024. I had always meant to get around to learning more about buffer overflows and stack based exploitation, but never found the time. I will admit that I felt I was struggling to grasp a lot of the concepts initially, but Peter did an exceptional job of helping make sure we all understood everything he was teaching. You could tell Peter’s heart was in teaching the material and never once did I feel like he was “getting through the material just for the sake of getting over it” as I have in many other classes. Even though it was only 4 days, I feel that I am miles ahead of where I begun the week at and have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone able to take it. I am signed up for an upcoming Heap course and am super excited for all that I will learn there!

Dylan Wilson
Corelan Expert-level Stack