Professional Exploit Development Training



First of all, I would like to thank Peter for a really extraordinary experience, his passion and dedication are a real inspiration for everyone!

I was really looking forward to pushing my knowledge in exploit development to the next level and finally going for the heap, without having any prior experience related to that, in terms of exploit development. The outcome is that I now feel really comfortable in diving into heap exploits and really understanding them.

Took the Corelan Advanced course at Brucon2019. Scrolling trough all the testimonials and knowing the Corelan team’s publicly available work, led me to some high expectations when I enrolled for the class. I’m really happy to say that the training lived up and even exceeded them in some aspects.

Peter is really great at explaining basically everything, the course structure and materials are very well organised and they are facilitating a consistent learning curve. The in-depth level of analysis and the granularity in understanding the course content are key takeaways. I would describe the training as a combined practical-theoretical experience with a focus on deep understanding for Windows Internals, exploit development and Windows heap concepts. The whole training helps you in building a strong knowledge base in which you can later invest your time into. Plus, the received support after the training session, all the “homeworks” :) and the mindset obtained for looking at things as an exploit developer perspective are priceless.

I hope Peter will come up with other trainings in the future as well, really looking forward to it!

Thanks again Peter for all the knowledge and for truly inspiring me!

Highly recommend it, well worth the investment!


Stefan Nicula
Corelan Heap Masterclass
BruCON Gent
Oct 2019