Professional Exploit Development Training

Corelan Trainings Are One Of The Best I Ever Have Taken


First of all I would like to thank Peter, for the incredibly cool 3 days in Paris. Thank you very much for your patience in answering questions and the opportunity to share your extraordinary knowledge with us!

After participating in the bootcamp in April of this year in Belgium (BruCON Spring 2019), participation in the advanced course was only the logical consequence.

What makes the course so special, is the methodical and logical structure based on Peter’s practical experience.

Why you should not miss BOTH courses and participate? Very easily:

– Theoretical bases, their implementations as well as common “halftruths” or “mistakes” are explained in a practice-oriented way.
– No matter what level of knowledge each participant brings, Peter answers every question and never tires of explaining everything in an understandable way.
– Extensive training material, with a huge amount of valuable information (for offense and defense).
– Many private solutions which never been published by Peter.

Both courses will be definitely be part of our company training program as a “MUST” for anyone.

Conclusion: “Learn from the best, or die like the rest”

Peter, you are definitely one of the best!


Mario Kornab
Corelan Heap Masterclass
Hack In Paris
June 2019