Professional Exploit Development Training

best training I’ve ever had. period.

best training I’ve ever had.
Reasons are:
– I understood every, and I mean every, concept Peter explained during the training: he did a great job to deliver every concept verbally, visually, examples at the whiteboard and most important by interacting with students, so we were able to assimilate stuff in our own preferred way
– Peter is really a nice guy to interact with, you never feel the “fear” to ask something – he’s going to answer you anyway
– training it’s not only about techniques, internals but also exercises: every single exercise is meant to give you an experience of what is that particular topic about in “real life”
– last but not least, we have now his methodology to aid us starting our journey in the exploitation field, but is up to us now, no silver bullet. This is what I feel is the most valuable knowledge Peter was able to transfer us.
If you are unsure about taking this course, please do yourself a favour and take it.

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