Professional Exploit Development Training

A thoughtfully designed course to push the boundaries!

This is a thoughtfully designed course which forces you to push the boundaries. You get to learn from more than decade of research in just four days (not just a theory but hands on too) and it’s just the beginning of your Heap Exploitation journey.

Rather than explaining how some of the famous Heap Exploits work, the focus is on analysing Windows Heap Manager’s behaviour that helps you in exploit development. And it doesn’t stop there, Peter wants you to grow, use the methodology/tips/tricks you learned to do your own research and you get all the support you need.

You get 25-30 real world assignments for which you have to develop an exploit from given PoC. These are very intense exercises and you learn a lot in the process. I started working on these exercises one year after I attended the class and I still get the support when needed.

You will never get direct answers but Peter will point you in the right direction. I’m really glad that I took this course and I’m planning to take the Bootcamp course too!

Peter, thank you for a great course!

Kapil Khot (SlidingWindow)
Corelan Heap Masterclass
Dubai, UAE