Professional Exploit Development Training

Bootcamp & Advanced Class

I had the privilege of attending both the Bootcamp and Advanced training sessions, and I must say that the two weeks were incredibly intensive yet thoroughly enjoyable.

For those wishing to venture into the art of exploit writing, the Corelan Bootcamp serves as a solid initial step. The Corelan Advanced Exploit Development training stands out among my experiences in exploit development education. In contrast to many courses that focus solely on exploitation techniques, this program provides a comprehensive foundation by beginning with the fundamentals of memory management in Windows. It then delves into the exploitation of heap-related vulnerabilities and methods to bypass modern memory protections. This approach equips learners with a deep understanding of these concepts, empowering them to conduct thorough research on both known and future memory features and protections. Mastering heap exploitation is a significant endeavor, and this course serves as an exceptional starting point. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to excel in this domain.

What truly sets Peter apart is not just his technical prowess but also his exceptional training skills. He is not only an excellent teacher but also a funny and passionate individual who is deeply committed to his work and strives for excellence. I highly recommend his training programs. Come and experience it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Corelan Advanced
02 2024