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P1010174Peter Van Eeckhoutte is the founder of Corelan Team and the author of the well-known tutorials on Win32 Exploit Development Training, available at The team gathers a group of IT Security enthusiasts and researchers from around the world, who all share common interests : doing research, gather & share knowledge, and perform responsible/coordination disclosure. Above all, the team is well known for their ethics and their dedication to helping other people in the community.

P1010163Together with the team, he has developed and published numerous tools that will assist pentesters and exploit developers, and published whitepapers/video’s on a wide range of IT Security related topics (pentesting tools, (malware) reverse engineering,  etc). The team also moderates a forum that provides a platform for people who want to talk about exploit development, and operates an IRC channel (freenode, channel #corelan)

Peter has been an active member of the IT Security community for more than 10 years and has been working on exploit development since 2006.

He presented at various international security conferences (Athcon, Hack In Paris, DerbyCon, ISSA Belgium) and delivered the Corelan Live Win32 Exploit Development Bootcamp at numerous places around the globe. He trained security enthusiasts & professionals from private companies, government agencies and military.

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Corelan Consulting bv

Founded in : Feb 2019

CEO : Peter Van Eeckhoutte

VAT/TVA/BTW : BE 0721.789.371

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Corelan Consulting BV is not the leading training company in the world. Corelan Consulting BV is not in Gartner’s magic quadrant and Corelan Consulting BV doesn’t claim/pretend to be better than anyone else.  But we  honestly care about what we do, and we do the best we can to provide a unique learning experience to our clients & students.